Mandolin, Violin, Guitar and Piano

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  •  Earliest introduction to music from her mother, who was a piano teacher
  •  Studied mandolin at age 7 at Beck’s Music Center in Philadelphia, PA
  •  Played piano with Take Five, a wedding band at age 15
  •  Went on USO Tour for 3 months, playing in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and Bahrain
  •  Played in various clubs in Las Vegas for 7 months
  •  Upon returning to this area played in show bands.
  •  In 1994, started a long running duo with Michael Kraft playing mandolin at Resorts in Atlantic City and Caesar’s Casino for 18 years
  •  Taught in local music studios and privately for the past 23 years

STUDIED: Piano: Carol Wardoch and Ruth Malone Jazz Guitar: Joe Federico, Dave Strong, Jimmy Bruno, Billy Zappasodi and Al Stauffer Mandolin: Barry Mitterhoff Violin: Wallace DePue (fills in with the Philadelphia Orchestra)

CURRENTLY PERFORMING: Guitar with a heart tribute band called “Kick It Out” and a country pop trio called “ Blondage” Mandolin with Michael Kraft Violin with the “Delaware County Symphony