Instrument Accessories

We offer large discounts on our instruments and accessories.

  • Guitar and Bass:  Strings, string winders, cables, capos, polish/cloths, tuners, straps, strap locks, picks, hard and soft cases, slides, effect pedals, tuning machines, nuts and saddles, pots, jacks, switches, humidifiers, amplifiers, pickups, stands and wall hangers
  • Strings:  Strings, bows, shoulder rests, rosin, chin rests, bridges, tailpieces, nuts, tuning pegs, fine tuners
  • Banjo:  Strings, picks, tuning machines, heads, bridges, straps
  • Percussion:  Sticks, mallets, brushes, heads, cymbals, stands, pedals, practice pads, thrones, cases, hardware, auxiliary percussion
  • Brass and Woodwind:  Mouthpieces, caps and ligatures, reeds, cleaning/maintanance kits, polish/cloths, humidifiers, swabs, cases, valve/key oil, slide grease, cork grease, mutes, stands, lyre clips and page
  • Sound:  Microphones, mic stands, audio cables and adapters, batteries, effects, amplifiers, pickups
  • Music: Large selection of lesson and theory books.

We also stock general musical accesories such as music stands, stand lights, tuners, pitch pipes, metronomes, case tags, manuscript notebooks and sheets, music folders/carrying cases and conductor batons.

If we don't stock what you are looking for, it would be our pleasure to special order it for you.